News Archive ~ 2013 London Ride and Stride

Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Church open for visitors in September

London Ride+Stride

Saturday 14th September

10:00 am – 5:00 pm

Ride+Stride is a national event where people are sponsored to walk or cycle between places of worship. This is the first time a London wide Ride+Stride will be held and over 100 places of worship of all faiths and eras are taking part.

The money raised is split with half going to the place of worship of your choice and half to the Heritage of London Trust for future repairs to religious buildings in London. We are participating in this event and we need walkers, riders and volunteers for this event. Your local organiser is John Allan. Sponsorship forms and a full list of participating places of worship can be found at

In particular we need  people to sign up to man the church on that day, on the evening of which we have the Sing along concert.  

In September we will join forces with London ‘Open House’ and ‘Ride and Stride’

Raise money for St Mary Magdalene when you shop online by clicking on the image below…

Welcome to Saint Mary Magdalene, Enfield.