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We extend a warm, open invitation to share prayer and fellowship; encouraging one another’s walk of faith, to know God more clearly, love him more dearly and follow him more nearly, day by day.

Meeting on Mondays, from 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm.

God bless,

Ken, Laura and Dawn.

We praise God for blessing us with the continued opportunity and enjoyment of hosting The Home Group. Amid our “Month of Monday’s” inaugural year the concept has developed thus:

Beginning and ending our evenings in prayer, each new duodenary segment of the year is distinguished with “Listening prayer”, emanating from our Lent offerings, as detailed in our April magazine article (which is available at the church website).

During our second Monday of the month we incorporate visual stimulus via DVD technology, presently derived from Testament: The Bible in Animation, a 1996 Emmy award winning series of nine unique thirty minute animated versions of some Old Testament events and characters, produced by Sianel 4 Cymru (Welsh).

Back in 1996 we thoroughly enjoyed, and still do, each eagerly awaited weekly instalment, watching as a family altogether and recording for play back over and over and over... The whole series is available on YouTube.

The third and fourth Monday’s include Bible studies and topical Christian discussions.

When there’s a fifth Monday in the month, it’s celebration time, “Yay”.

The outline remains flexible and malleable, giving God the opportunity to lead and direct us through the promptings of His Holy Spirit.

A Prayer For You:

God bless you in the morning with His presence shining bright,
And make your whole day happy with His radiant love and light...
God bless you in the evening
when the daytime hours depart,
And, like a benediction,
leave His peace upon your heart.

Meetings every Monday, from 6pm - 8pm

God bless. Love Laura, Ken and Dawn.

Video from the Home Group’s Praise Karaoke Social Evening (onesies optional). Thank you to all who came, to Ye Zi Ju, Andrew, and Ken for the phone videos and thank you to Ken for producing the poster, DJing the Karaoke and editing this video. Laura and Dawn’s LED flashing gloves, just for fun ad-lib, were moving to Sing A Song by Take 6.

Video from the Home Group’s offering for the Parish Concert 2016.

Laura and Dawn are dancing to Jamie Grace’s ‘Do Life Big’ see You Tube for the official Lyric Video here:
Thanks to Yezi for filming on her phone.

From the Parish Magazine

Meanwhile… for the fourth and final week of the “Find Your Voice” course, we heard from the Revd Dr Donna Lazenby, Tutor and Lecturer in Spirituality and Apologetics at Saint Mellitus College. Donna also serves as senior/lead minister to The Hayes Church, located in The Hayes Primary School, Kenley, South Croydon. Entitled “Reading the signs of the times”, Donna gave an enlightening and amusing look into the conceptualisation and targeting of products that both advertisers and businesses suggest and even promise will meet our EVERY need! A glance along any high street or shopping centre can be quite insightful when reading the signs.

Here are a few illustrations of my own on the theme, the first to the tune of “Teddy Bears Picnic”:

“Should you go down to Enfield town today, you’re in for a big surprise, some assure a haven of tranquillity, to de-stress and revitalise. Live today like it’s all your tomorrows, wide-eyed and joyful, follow your dreams. Love and life, everlasting, for the moments that matter.” (Champneys, Clarks and Ernest Jones).

Indicating that there are moments that don’t matter?

There are further subtle and attractive strategies and tactics designed to coerce and entice us. From one retailer’s claims of “Championing everyone’s right to feel good…caring for people, customers and communities everywhere.”(Boots). Whilst another store states; “Life celebrating life. We believe in enhancing relationships through the expression of personal emotion and through the celebration of sincere connections. Life’s journey is enriched by these priceless touch points that raise everyday moments into enduring memories.” (Clintons). Yet another “The World Is Our Source Of Beauty, Happiness Is Our Business. Real, natural, beautiful. You’ll feel so good, inside and out.” (The Body Shop).

Blah, blah, blah, enough, sufficient, desist…except for one of my personal favourite products “Pass The Love On” (Thorntons), ah… chocolate.

Now for a little science, eating chocolate hacks into a quartet of happiness chemicals triggering the release of positive neurotransmitters. Dopamine, a feel-good hormone, the pleasure chemical, causes pupils to dilate. The release of Serotonin into the brain known as an anti-depressant, contributes to one’s overall feeling of well-being and positive mood. Dubbed the hug and bliss hormone, Oxytocin is a.k.a. the “cuddle chemical” and has pleasurable opium-like compounds. Sometimes called “the love drug”, Endorphins work to lessen pain and decrease stress.

Is it any wonder that we’re assured paradise in the taste of a Bounty bar, or who remembers the advice to “Take it easy with Cadbury’s caramel”, spoken by a west country accented animated female rabbit in the 1980’s (viewable on YouTube).“Freeing The Joy Since 1824!”, Cadbury also suggested they could make Christmas 2016 Joyful and even offer it to us in little pots, “Pots Of Joy”.

Thankfully we no longer need to buy into all that spiel because of Jesus Christ. The only one who truly knows and promises to meet all our needs, beyond expectation and Jesus always keeps His promises. Furthermore we’re blessed with the indwelling of The Holy Spirit and the Fruits thereof; “Love, Joy, Peace, Forbearance, Kindness, Goodness, Faithfulness, Gentleness and Self-Control” (Galatians 5:22-23 NIVUK). Nine wonderful gifts, just for starters, that can overflow and percolate into our surroundings, even our next visit to Enfield Town.

To be included in our forthcoming Monday’s line up:

April 3rd; Listening Prayer. April 10th; Preparation for the month’s film through special features entitled “By His Wounds We Are Healed”, including an introduction narrated by the producer Mel Gibson, with an approximate running time of 1 hour and 40 min’s. April 17th; Film Night; “The Passion of the Christ”, 2004, certificate 18, with a running time of just over 2 hrs. April 24th; “The Provocative Church”, chapter 3. Please be aware that we won’t be meeting on the Bank Holiday of May 1st.

God bless

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