News Archive ~ Muriel Maxwell Garden of Peace and Play

Garden Renovation

The Muriel Maxwell Garden of Peace and Play 2014

Between December 2013 and April 2014 with the help of a grant from the Highlands Ward residents’ Priority Fund, we rebuilt the back garden area of the church and Hall, to create the Muriel Maxwell Garden of Peace and Play.

The Photos here show how a wilderness was transformed into a play area and garden for social, reflective and playground use.

garden 01 garden 02 garden 03 garden 04 garden 05 garden 06 garden 07 garden 08 garden 09 garden 10 garden 11 garden 12 garden 13 garden 14 garden 15 garden 16 garden 17 garden 18 garden 19 garden 20 garden 21 garden 22 garden 23 garden 24 garden 25 garden 26 garden 27 garden 28 garden 29 garden 30

Bishop Peter came and officially opened the garden with a blessing.

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