Music is very important to us at St Mary Magdalene’s.  We seek to promote music at every level, entertaining fine choirs, hosting orchestral and choral concerts, and training musicians of all ages to grow in ability, confidence, and faith.

Choir: We have an anthem sung by the choir most weeks.

Recitals: There is a monthly music recital provided by local musicians and schools.

Come and Sing: Regular Come and Sing events are a wonderful highlight to the year’s music timetable. Local musicians and extra singers boost our choir members to present an evening that is a ‘must not miss’ event.

Our Hymn: Written by the late Paul Wigmore to commemorate the restoration of the Chancel in 2012.

The Organ: It is in need of restoration, but it still works!

Songs of Praise: In 2013 Gordon and some of the congregation were featured on three Songs of Praise programmes.

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