A Visit to Norwich Cathedral

A late August weekend and St Mary Magdalene’s very own choir, with some support from our Chingford buddies, arrived cheerfully at Norwich Cathedral, for our very first weekend away of singing. A full schedule of final rehearsals, Saturday Evensong, Sunday morning Eucharist, a quick bite to eat, and then Sunday Evensong.

We turned up early Saturday morning and were immediately impressed with being able to rehearse in the newly built “Song School” in the Hostry, as well as with the Refectory alongside which served some lovely home-made scones and cakes. The surroundings in there were wonderful as the Refectory had been built right up against the upper walls of the Cathedral with gorgeous views of the stonework and windows.  

And then there was the Cathedral itself. That definitely wowed us. It was truly a sight to behold and a fantastic experience to process as a choir into this great Cathedral. To hear ourselves sing there was, as they say, just awesome.

We had been welcomed and talked through the service procedures and our choir placing for processions; the rest was up to us to show what were were made of. We did not let the side down. We excelled throughout and from the comments and positive feedback we received from those who came to listen, we did St Mary Magdalene, Rory and of course, Gordon, very proud.  

Thank you Rory for organising such a great event, and thank you too, all those family and friends who came along to support us. It was an additional pleasure knowing you were there for us in the congregation... Oh and in the pub after.

A fabulous time was had by all. Can’t wait to do it all again really.

Diana Williams, Soprano.

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