War Memorial and Stained Glass Window

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War Memorial Window

The War Memorial window was dedicated in November 1919 to honour those from the Parish who died during the Great War. The inscription at the bottom of the window reads:

 ‘Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends’.

The subject, a soldier lying dead at the feet of Christ on the Cross, was copied from a picture entitled ‘The Great Sacrifice’ by James Clark which hangs in St Mildred’s Church, Whippingham on the Isle of Wight.

The Names on the left plaque:

Bailey E.H.P. Lt. R.A.F.

Beevor FV. 2nd Lt. 1st Middlesex. R.

Cartledge C.A. 2nd Lt. 5th Northhampton R.

Clements H. Pte. K.R. Rifles

Cope W.C. Pte. City of London R. Fus.

Cossar N.T. 2nd Lt. Rifle Bde.

Darrington C.P. Lt. London R.B.

Driscoll A. Cpl.7th Middlesex R.

Fairbanks Arnold Cpt. York R.

Frost C.B. Lt. R.F.A.

Foster A. Cpl. R.W. Kent R.

Gifford W.R. 2nd Lt. City of London RF

Gough J.B.T. Maj. Herts R.

Godward E.J. 2nd Lt. 7th Middlesex R.

Hunter R. Lt. War R.H.A.

Jeaffreson R.P. L/Cpl. H.A.C.

Johnson E.L.W. Pte. London Rang.

Langford F. Pte. London R.

Maddox L.G. M.C. Lt. Queens London

Maitland A.J. 2nd Lt. R.F.C.

The Names on the right plaque:

Millar J.P. Lt. Scot. Rifles

Matthews H. Pte. 8th Middlesex R.

Newcombe C.F. Pte. N.Lancs.R.

Newcombe S.J. Pte. R.Berks.R

Oakley J. Pte. Suff.R

Pitcher A. Tpr. West Dns.

Potter G.T. Pte. Wilts.R

Potter R.F. 2nd Lt. 4th N.Staff.R

Pryherch G.J. Tpr. City of London Yeo.

Slade H. Dr. R.G.A.

Slade E.J. Pte. R.Rif.B.

Scott F.C.D. Lt. Durh. L.I.

Scott V.W. M.C Lt. E.Surr.R.

Smith E.A. 2nd Lt. R.War.R.

Smith W.A. Tpr. Herts. Yeo.

Taylor F.J. Cpl. C.Gds.

Tong T. Pte. Aurailian I.F.

Trenchard J.W.H. Lt. R.G.A.

Vanderpump A.E. M.C. Capt. 52nd Can.Batt.

Verity E.C. Pte. R.Fus.London R.

Weld H.E. 2nd Lt. 2/S.Gds.

Photos © John Salmon

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